Grade 3

For the week of June 7, 2020

Hi everyone,

There is no Sunday Zoom class this week. The lesson for this week follows:



If you haven’t filled out the form already for the end of the year gift, please do so here: 

  • Please have your parents help you if needed.


Please fill out this form on your thoughts about the school year – 

  • It’s anonymous so I don’t know who answered what. So please answer honestly. 

That’s it! That’s the whole lesson for this week.

Next week – on our last week of class – we will have a Zoom class at 11:00 AM. 

———————————————————– END

For Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Zoom class is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. today. Please check your email for the invitation and link to the Zoom call.

For the week of May 24, 2020

Memorial Day weekend. There is no religious education lesson or Sunday Zoom call for this week. If you were not able to attend the online Zoom class last Sunday at 11:00 a.m., here is what you missed:


I created a discussion board post where all students in 3rd grade can ask questions and answer questions:

Class schedule for May and June

May 24 – Memorial Day weekend – no class 
May 31 – Zoom class
June 7 – Zoom class
June 14 – last Zoom class

How is everyone doing during quarantine? 

How’s school going? Are you able to handle schoolwork? Are you able to get online to class? Are you able to concentrate on your homework?
How is staying at home with your siblings and parents?
Are you feeling stressed? Scared? Anxious?
Are you ready to go back to school? 
What are you doing for fun? Watching any movies or tv shows? Playing games? 


How do you like the online lessons? Did you like the videos? The forms? The interactive stories? 

End of the Year Gift!

I will send out an email to your parents and post a form document for parental consent.


We went over the online lessons: 
 Apostles’ Creed
 Lent
 Stations of the Cross
 Easter
 How to deal with anxiety and stress
 Mothers’ Day – Mothers of the Bible
 Ascension of Jesus

—————————————————————- END

For Sunday, May 17, 2020

A Zoom class is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. today. Please check your email for the invitation and link to the Zoom call.

For the week of May 10, 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone has a good Mother’s Day today!


#1 – Next Sunday on May 17, we will have our first online class via Zoom at 11:00 AM. The day before, I will send out the link to your parents to their emails. I hope all of you can join! 

  • We will just have a conversation, re-cap every lesson so far that’s been online, and what’s happening in the next couple of weeks. 

#2 – If you have any questions as usual, please put them in our discussion board post here:


Today, we are going back to a certain part of the Apostles’ Creed.

Do you remember this part?: 

I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord,

  who was conceived by the Holy Spirit

  and born of the virgin Mary.

  He suffered under Pontius Pilate,

  was crucified, died, and was buried;

  he descended to hell.

  The third day he rose again from the dead.

  He ascended to heaven

  and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty.

  From there he will come to judge the living and the dead.

We are going to talk about what happened after Easter, after Jesus rose from the dead. 

What did he do? 

First, watch this clip that helps explain what happened: 

Next, is an interactive story about the Last Supper, Jesus’ Death, Resurrection, and Ascension. 

Click here to go through it: 

  • (Copy and paste the link to another tab so you can come back to the lesson afterwards) 

Video and Story Explanation

So, after Jesus rose from the dead, the women found Jesus well and alive. They told the Apostles, but the Apostles didn’t believe them right away. After Jesus was killed, the Apostles had been in hiding and they felt scared. However, Jesus came into the room where they were. He told them that He was still alive, and He showed them the nail marks in his hands.

Jesus told the Apostles that He would be here for 40 days, but He would then return to Heaven (His home) to be with His father. But, the Apostles – and us – would not be alone. Once Jesus goes up to Heaven, He would send down the Holy Spirit to help the Apostles and guide them. He also told the Apostles that they must spread the GOOD NEWS and that they tell the whole world about Jesus. 

So, for 40 days, Jesus taught and performed miracles. And after 40 days, He took the Apostles to a mountain where he then ascended – went up– into Heaven! That is Ascension. 

———————————————————- END

For the week of May 3, 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a good week.

Discussion Board

Before we start the lesson, I just wanted to include the Discussion Board document here.

If you guys have any questions, please type them in there! 

Mothers’ Day Lesson

Okay, now onto the lesson.

I know that Mothers’ Day isn’t until May 10 (Sunday), but I wanted to talk about it now so you have some time to get ready for a gift or activity you may want to do with your mom.

Before I talk about some suggestions for Mothers’ Day activities, I wanted to circle it back to the Bible.

Remember, when we learned the 10 commandments? What was the fourth commandment?

  • The fourth commandment was: “Honor your mother and father”

God says that we must honor or respect our parents, and treat them with love and respect! While we do celebrate our moms and all that they do for us on Mothers’ Day, it is important that we treat them well and be grateful for what they do Every. Single. Day.

Think about it, your moms do a lot for you (they, along with dads as well!):

  • Make sure you get to school on time 
  • Do house chores
  • Make you dinner
  • Make sure you do your homework
  • Keep track of your doctor appointments
  • Take care of you when you are sick
  • Make sure you have a good education
  • Send you to Sunday School! 
  • Do fun and exciting activities like go on vacation
  • Care about having you grow up into amazing human beings

Here are two videos I want you to watch:

  1. The first video is why we celebrate Mothers’ Day.
  2. The second video is about the mothers of the Bible. 

After you watch the videos, below is an image of ideas you can do with/for your mom on Mothers’ Day.

Happy Mothers’ Day! 

_____________________________________________ END

For the week of April 26, 2020

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone had a great Easter or Resurrection Day! I hope you spent some time praying and working on your relationship with Jesus during this time period especially.


Before we start the lesson, I want to talk about the Discussion Post Document I have created. This document is for any of you to access.
Here, you can ask any questions you would like, answer some questions I will post (I will mention if I post any questions for the week), and write any thoughts or comments you may have. You can click on the link below to access the document:

Note: you do not need a google account to access the document.


This week, this lesson is about dealing with anxiety or stress and how Jesus can help us! Let us watch this video first.

Now that you have watched the video, let us talk about stress and anxiety.

What is stress? Stress can be a mental, emotional, or physical experience where you are worried, anxious, or uncomfortable about something.

Emotional reactions: angry, upset, scared, afraid, frustrated
Physical reactions: headache, stomachache, not eating, eating too much

Right now, you guys may be stressed – or your siblings or parents may be stressed – due to circumstances related to the virus, or juggling school and homework, or being at home all the time. And, it is easy for us to not know how to deal with our stress which may end up with us being angry or frustrated with one another.

How can we deal with stress? Here are a few ways:
* Meditation
* Painting or drawing
* Listening to relaxing music
* Cooking or baking
* Reading the Bible

So, how can God and the Bible help us deal with stress?

First off, let us see what the Bible says about stress.


Click on this form (link below) to find some Bible verses about stress and anxiety. If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this link on another tab: )

To help you look for the Bible verses if you don’t have a Bible, you can copy and paste this link on another tab:

(Read the following after you filled out the worksheet.)

Good job with finding the Bible verses!
Did you notice a general pattern among the verses?
Many of the Bible verses are saying if you are stressed, anxious, or afraid, you need to reach out to Jesus and pray to Him. Give all of your fears and thoughts to God and He will comfort you and take care of you.
Some of us may not know how to deal with stress or think we can handle it on our own, and we cannot. We need to learn how to rely on Jesus.

Obviously, dealing with stress and giving all of our fears to Jesus does not happen in one day. It takes practice and time where you learn to pray every day where you tell Jesus what is stressing you out. So, when you are feeling scared or stress, now you know you can open up a Bible and start reading God’s word and learn how to pray to Jesus.

——————————————————- END

For the week of April 19, 2020

Hello everyone,

Do you remember when we learned about the Apostles’ Creed and the Stations of the Cross?  Just over one week ago was Good Friday — the day when we remember Jesus dying on the cross for us. However, on Easter Sunday, He was risen from the dead!

That is what Christians celebrate Easter about – the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Some other people call Easter, “Resurrection Day.” 

Lesson: For the week of April 19, I have created a couple of activities. Some of them are fun and unrelated to Sunday School, but some activities are related to Jesus and Easter.

#1 Activity: Virtual Easter Scavenger Hunt about Jesus

Click on this link/form to go through the Virtual Scavenger Hunt to learn more about Jesus from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. 

If that link doesn’t work, click here: 

#2 Activity: Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Click on this link/form to go through the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt! 

If the link doesn’t work, use this link:

#3 Activity (optional): Decorate Your own Easter Egg 

This is an optional activity you can do on your spare time, but click here to decorate your own Easter egg. 

If the link doesn’t work, click here: 

I hope you guys enjoyed those activities! 

Stay safe, and remember to pray to God and thank Him once again for Jesus sacrificing His life for us so that our sins are forgiven,and we can go to Heaven one day. 

———————————————— END

No reading/homework assignment for Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020.

For the week of April 5 – 11, 2020

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well. Another week is over.

This lesson will be about the Stations of the Cross, since next week is April 12, which is Easter. 

What are the Stations of the Cross?

The Stations of the Cross tell the narrative of how Jesus was condemned (sentenced) to die, how He was tortured and was forced to carry His cross, and how He died when He was nailed to the cross. 

Remember, we learned in class before that God loves us so much, He was willing to send His only son – Jesus Christ – to die for us so our sins can be forgiven. And Jesus did not die a quick death. No, He was tortured and endured a lot of pain and died painfully for us. 

Why was Jesus nailed to the cross

Remember, we learned this in class but basically the usual punishment made by the Romans was that criminals had to be nailed to a tree/cross to die. 

To learn more about the Stations of the Cross, watch this video below: 

As a recap, let’s go over the Stations of the Cross: 

  1. First Station – Jesus is condemned to die. 
    1. Remember we learned in the Apostles’ Creed that Pontius Pilate sentenced Jesus to die. 
  2. Second Station – Jesus carries His Cross
  • Third Station – Jesus falls for the first time
  • Fourth Station – Jesus meets His mother Mary
  • Fifth Station – Simon helps Jesus carry the cross
  • Sixth Station – Veronica wipes Jesus’ face
  • Seventh Station – Jesus falls the second time
  • Eighth Station – Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
  • Ninth Station – Jesus falls the third time.
  • Tenth Station – Jesus is stripped of His clothing
  • Eleventh Station – Jesus is nailed to the cross
  • Twelfth Station – Jesus dies on the cross
  • Thirteenth Station – Jesus is taken down from the cross
  • Fourteenth Station – Jesus is laid in the tomb 

Some Questions to Think About

Throughout these 40 days of Lent and with Easter coming, I want you guys to think about some questions: 

  • How much do you think Jesus loves us for Him to sacrifice His life and die for us? 
  • When Jesus was dying on the cross, He said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). Even when Jesus was dying on the cross, He still forgave them and asked God to forgive the people who sentenced Him to death. Do you find it easy or difficult to forgive someone when someone has wronged you? How can we learn to not get so angry so quickly and learn how to forgive others? 
  • Mary, Jesus’ mother, saw Jesus carry His cross and be tortured. How do you think Mary felt as Jesus’ mother? 


Since we are all at home, it is important – like we learned in class – to create and grow our relationship with Jesus! Every day, we should pray to Him to forgive us of our sins and ask Him to help us become better Christians. 

For the week of March 29 – April 4, 2020

Hi everyone, 

I hope you all are doing well at home and that you and your families are safe.

For this week’s lesson, we are going to shift gears again and talk about:

  • Coronavirus safety
  • How to be productive at home when you have schoolwork to do 

Coronavirus Safety Rules

Before we continue, you can watch this video: 

Here are 2 main rules you and your families can follow: 

Rule #1 – Social Distancing! 

What does it mean to social distance yourself? 

Everyone should be at least 6 feet away from each other. And in New York, all schools, work offices, and other restaurants have shut down so it won’t be so crowded which will prevent people from spreading the Coronavirus. 

Therefore, for the time being, try not to go outside to hang out with friends or for leisurely activities. 

Even though younger people aren’t able to get the Coronavirus as easily as others, you can still get it and spread it to your parents or grandparents.

Rule #2 – Wash your hands!

If you or your family member goes outside, and comes back, make sure they wash their hands. 

Wash your hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap. 

And make sure to sanitize everything down – door knobs, wood and metal surfaces, and cell phones.

How to Be Productive at Home

Since all schools and classes are shut down, we know that you have to do all of your work at home. And, we know it can be difficult to focus sometimes. 

Here are some helpful suggestions: 

  1. When you wake up, go through your regular morning routine – eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed for school, whatever you do. It will help you get into the mindset of “going to school”
    1. If you are still in your pajamas, you won’t be as motivated to do work and it would be easier for you to be distracted and go straight back to bed.
  • Create a certain area in your home (if you can) and designate it as your “workspace”
    • Do all of your schoolwork and other work at that area or at your desk and it will help keep you focused
  • Create a to-do list every day 
    • It helps break down your tasks and responsibilities you need to do. 
  • Put your phone away
    • When you are doing schoolwork, put your phone in another room or away from you so you aren’t distracted.
  • Take breaks! 
    • Make sure to stand every so often and do some stretching and exercise
    • You can always take a break by eating a snack, or watching a short YouTube video, and then back to work! 

To relax, here is a “Bingo Board” of some activities you can do while you are at home.

In addition, here are some links to some games where you can learn how to type on the computer faster and learn your states in America.– Type for your life– Learn your states 

Stay safe! 

For the week of March 22-28, 2020

For the week of March 15-21, 2020

Hi guys! As you know, Sunday School has been cancelled for a couple of weeks and I have been asked to send online resources so you guys can still learn about God and Jesus. 

Sooooooo, this lesson is about the Apostles’ Creed!

Let’s get started!

First, let’s listen to the Apostles’ Creed sung like a song!

Now, here is the Apolstles’ Creed written out. Please study it and then do the crossword puzzle below!

I believe in God,
the Father Almighty,
Creator of heaven and earth,
and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord,
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the Virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died and was buried;
He descended into hell;
on the third day He rose again from the dead;
He ascended into heaven,
and is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
from there He will come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the Holy Catholic Church,
the communion of Saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and life everlasting.

Ok, now fill in the blanks of the crossword puzzle below [on a separate sheet of paper]. Try not to look back up at the Creed. When you are finished, check what you have written against the words of the Creed.

Home Page

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  1. Thank you this was a great idea. When I do the bingo bored I will make sure me and my family will be relaxed and don’t worry a lot. I think when we are stressed Out we should do the bingo bored to relax. From Kylie

  2. Hi everyone! This is Sabrina – just to answer your question Stacy, if I don’t mention anything about homework, there will be no homework.

    I know you guys have a lot to do online with your regular school work, so I am not going to assign homework every week, or at all. I just really hope all of you read are reading the lessons and staying safe 🙂

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